We have helped people from all walks of life to get the most out of their money. Here are some of their stories.

Case study one

Ms L: Recently separated retiree 

About project: Ms L is a retiree in her late 60’s who recently separated from her partner; who traditionally managed the finances. She came to us with concerns around her preferred living arrangements, as well as her superannuation and ability to fund entry into aged care in the future. Her preferred living arrangements included an exit fee and her concern was that this would impact her ability to fund entry into aged care in the future.

Results: We projected out her potential asset base over her life expectancy (taking into account the exit fee) showing the ability to meet ongoing living expenses whilst retaining access to capital that can be used to fund the entry into aged care in the future. We also assisted with educating her on appropriate asset allocation in-line with her income needs and risk profile, resulting in reducing the high level of risk in her existing portfolio.  She is now living comfortably in her new accommodation and involved in ongoing advice regarding her superannuation portfolio.

Case study TWO

Mr & Mrs H : Business owners approaching retirement 

About project: Mr & Mrs H are business owners approaching retirement who had already accrued significant superannuation balances of approximately $2.4m combined. They had an existing advice relationship but felt that they were paying too much in fees and that the relationship was no longer managed as it once was.

Results: We reviewed their existing superannuation account and underlying investments and identified a superior platform option with leading technology allowing them access to modern investment portfolio solutions. Overall, there was a fee reduction of $11,714 per annum and they have a simplified portfolio providing better long term returns.

Case study THREE

Mr and Mrs W : Maximising retirement savings through commercial property

About project: Mr and Mrs W are in their late 30’s and run a successful small business. They have been making their maximum concessional contributions for a number of years and have accrued approximately $500,000 in combined superannuation. The lease for their business premises was due for renewal and they approached us to advise if purchasing their own commercial premises made sense.

Results: Based on their existing super balances and proposed purchase price, we identified the short-fall applicable and how this could be funded via one-off contributions to superannuation. We assisted with establishing a Self Managed Superannuation Fund to purchase the premises, which now receives annual rent of approximately $40,000 per annum, which is then invested along with their regular contributions into a diversified investment portfolio to increase diversification within the SMSF over the coming years. We also reviewed and consolidated their existing insurances, netting a slight reduction in premiums for the same levels of cover.

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